gratutitous november 30 posting

For those of you playing along at home: NaNoWriMo winnership was attained at 3am last night - for the seventh time running! - when I limped over the 50,000 word mark. This makes for beating the midnight local time deadline by a solid 21 hours, absolutely atomizing the previous personal best of wrapping things up with about four hours to spare. (And with a bare minimum of needless padding to boot.)

There's still a Grand Climax and a denouement left to write - which I'll probably polish off this evening, just for sake of getting everything well and truly completed. But still: no last second panic-induced verbosity for me. It's ever so... odd.


I love the seemingly universal sort of response the locals have to earthquakes like the one last night in the South Bay. "Hey, it's an earthquake!" bemusement; five minutes of mildly adrenaline-infused chit-chat about previous earthquake experiences; blithe returning to whatever one was doing previously because eh, it wasn't The Big One, so meh, whatever. It's oh-so-deliciously jaded!

fake band theatrics ahoy

The upcoming "Rock Band" video game is on a nationwide tour of sorts at the moment, going from place to place with a stage and several instances of the game for public playthrough purposes. Ealasaid and I had the good fortune to make it to their showing outside Stanford Stadium this weekend.

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One thing this event made clear: man, there are a whole lot of extraordinarily bad practitioners of karaoke out there. 'Cuz holy god, I have mediocre pipes at best, but I am a goddamn scion of vocal competence compared the array of folks we heard butchering "Black Hole Sun" over and over. Yeesh!

i have dual citizenship with "tv land"

Oh, how exciting: not only is Nickelodeon's "TV Land" showing old Night Court re-runs once again, but they've apparently made the command decision to start by airing the series pilot and going forward from there. It's all so jarring: no Roz! No Christine! No Mac! No meshing with the template that has been conferred upon me by my childhood memories! This should be interesting, watching the series retroactively evolve into the format I know and appreciate....

adventures in home economics

Problem: damn, that two-pound brick of cheddar cheese we've had in the fridge is gonna die any day now. It's technically a week past expiration as it is, y'know.
Solution: cook up a full-on quadruple batch of Ealasaid's macaroni and cheese to use it all up. Seriously: this is a metric ass-ton of macaroni and cheese. I think we've purposed every Tupperware-style container on hand towards holding it all.

On the one hand, all told, that's approximately 8,000 calories worth of mac and cheese. And Ealasaid's dietary restrictions preclude her from eating much of it, which means slogging through it all falls squarely upon my shoulders. On the other hand, holy god, that's two full work-weeks' worth of lunches produced for something a shade less than $15. Hell, we could've splurged with upscale cheeses and hoity-toity Whole Foods bread crumbs and still kept things under a sawbuck. That's crazy economical, yo.

the amazing antwon creates text! this is not an illusion!

I am currently watching an hour-long special entitled "Breaking the Magician's Code". It's pretty much just some magician - all masked up for anonymity purposes, natch - clueing you into the reveals behind every reasonably standard staple Vegas-grade magic trick going. It's ever-so-deliciously spiteful! And the two follow-up hour-long specials are already tucked away on the TiVo - marvelous. Thanks, Fox Reality Channel! (Which (a) apparently exists in our cable lineup and (b) is airing decade-old "shock" fare! Both for reasons unknown!)

review of colæ

I enjoy that my long-running idiotic idea - "if they can fortify milk and orange juice with supplemental vitamins, why can't they fortify soda, HUR HURRRR" - has become reality with the existence of Diet Coke Plus. Diet Coke with magnesium and zinc and a handful of B-vitamins thrown in. It tastes as one would expect: like Diet Coke with the faintest hint of multivitamin aftertaste. Which is fine enough, I suppose. Need to plow through a full twelve-pack before I can do a more substantive analysis.

Also, finally got around to consuming our holiday-themed novelty Jones Sodas - you know, the ones with flavors like "Turkey with Gravy". Better late than never, I suppose. They were suprisingly non-bad, on the whole, sticking mostly with vague allusions to the purported flavors than anything tongue-burstingly awful. I mean, not that I'd want to make a steady diet of consuming beverages that taste faintly of Pepto-Bismol... but I can see the "antacid-flavored soda" appeal.

honeymoon by the numbers

Duration, in days: 16
States visited: 26
Miles driven: 8,712
Rental cars consumed: 2

Fee-demanding federal parks visited: 7
Residences where Guitar Hero was played: 3

Madza RX-8s seen: 7
Billboards for vasectomy reversal seen (seriously, WTF): 7
Chick-fil-a restaurants seen on Sundays, which is (a) the only day of the week when Chick-fil-a is closed and, naturally, (b) the only day of the week when we happened to see one: 3
Non-local regional restaurant chains patronized: 8

Counties added to my visit-all-counties conquest: 115 (pic here - new visits in royal purple)
Minor detours made for explicit county-acquiring purposes: 4

torn, and not in the natalie imbruglia fashion

Man, I am totally torn about the prospect of getting an XBox360. On the one hand, with Guitar Hero II (now with downloadable content!) out already, and the prospect of games I would actually care to get like GTA IV (and Rock Band, assuming it does not totally suck) on the horizon, I'll almost certainly end up with one eventually... and if I'm already committed to getting one, hey, no time like the present. If I'm gonna pay, might as well enjoy reap the benefits of playing now.

'Course, on the other hand, it's not like there's much out presently that I'd be compelled to acquire... which means it's the equivalent of blowing several hundred dollars on, essentially, a uni-task machine. A uni-task machine that will have future benefits, true... but a uni-task machine all the same. That I would only use to play an extended version of a game I already own and can play gratis, using a funky new controller that's been getting hot-and-cold reviews. So yeah, like I said: totally torn.

(This is the part of the post where you craftily offer to let me play Guitar Hero II on your Xbox360 - "you know, just to help you in the evaluation process" - while craftily and 'inadvertently' getting me to earn a mess of activation points on your behalf in the process. To be absolutely clear, I am totally fine with this prospect.)