antwondotcom (antwondotcom) wrote,

you are now free to move about the country

Hey, out of totally idle curiosity, I wonder where all SwissAir flies? Well, let's just go check out some likely-looking airline route website....

Um. Huh. Apparently, SwissAir flies to the apocalyptic future, wherein The Big One has caused many cities to migrate, occasionally by hundreds of miles. Or something. I mean, I knew that Cleveland was called "the mistake on the lake"; I'm just pretty sure the lake in question wasn't Lake Huron. I also don't recall the leisurely hour-long coastal drive from San Francisco to Oakland, thought admittedly I haven't been paying a ton of attention to such matters.

On the bright side, this means that New Orleans won't have as many flooding-related mishaps from here on out. And I could probably drive to Las Vegas in about four hours or so, which is nice.

(Link ganked from here, for those of you playing at home.)
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