antwondotcom (antwondotcom) wrote,

achievement unlocked: damaged vocal cords

(Video game information ahoy. If'n you don't care in the slightest, now would be an excellent time to avert your eyes.)

The Rock Band "Endless Setlist" accomplishment, while decidedly challenging, is kind of dumb. It involves playing through all 58 of the on-disc songs in a row, in one continuous set. Oh, sure, you can pause the damn process as often as you like, taking breaks for food / restroom usage / wallowing in one's self-loathing. Still, that notwithstanding: it represents four-and-a-half hours of gameplay, essentially in a singular run. And what do you get for your troubles, should you happen to succeed in the quest? A slightly differently colored icon - "platinum" if you toiled away at everything on Expert, as is our wont.

Ealasaid and I had done this before, on a pair of plastic guitars, with little platinum-colored guitar icons to show for it. But y'know, I'd been practicing my vocal actions as of late... and I was sure we could pass every song again, with Ealasaid rocking the plastitar and me wielding the microphone. And really, I totally wanted my little microphone icon to be all silvery and shimmery, too - empirical proof of my pitch-matching chops, don'tcha know. Anyhow: one looooong Sunday full of gameplay later, voila: we have successfully re-beaten every song in our new configuration! The little platinum microphone icon is mine.

Conclusions to be drawn from this? (1) Omigod, we are SUCH DORKS. (2) Heaven help us once Ealasaid becomes an Expert-level Rock Band drummer - we are totally burning yet-still-another weekend on doing this epic marathon of gamery again. For that is how we roll.
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