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america's wang ahoy

What with the whole JetBlue American Express card that I use for... well, just about every earthly purchase, really, I accrue an ass-ton of JetBlue free flight "points". So much so that it got to the point that if'n I didn't fly somewhere by April, they were going to have one of my free round-trip flights wink away into the aether. That was the stick they threatened me with, anyway; the complementary carrot was "hey, if you schedule your trip pronto to get your flight on by mid-February, we'll shower yet still even more free flight goodness upon you".

So anyhow, long story short: weekend after the Super Bowl, I am burning myself a random-ass three-day weekend in Palm Beach! The flights are booked, as is the rental car; if nothing else, this'll permit me the opportunity to go on a random-ass road-trip towards my lifelong "attempt to visit, however briefly, every county in the U.S." goal. Either way, never been to southern Florida - it'll be an experience. Should there be anything there in particular that I ought to keep my eyes open for, this would be an excellent time to clue me in.

Fun fact: what with the quirky limitations JetBlue imposes on their free flights, severely constraining one's potential destination cities, the almost-selected Plan B was flying into Portland, Maine... despite the fact that portions of Maine are likely to be snowed to pieces at the time, to say nothing of the potential below-zero temperatures that I'd be wholly unequipped for. But such is the allure of supplemental gratis airfare! (And hey, at least it would've made for a story. Maybe next time! Doubly so if I can con someone into coming with!)
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